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Family Law

The attorneys at Broadbent & Taylor are experienced at representing clients in family court matters throughout Massachusetts including litigation, mediation and limited assistance.

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Traffic Defense

We are one of the premier traffic ticket defense firms in Massachusetts. We focus a large portion of our practice on traffic matters, including civil motor vehicle infractions, criminal traffic infractions, drunk driving/OUI matters, and commercial driver's license issues.

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Criminal Defense

When facing criminal charges, it is important to have an attorney that you are confident will lead you through the process keeping your best interests in mind. We will counsel you to obtain the best possible outcome throughout the proceedings.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential to ensuring the desired disposition of assets and guardianship of minors.  Every individual, regardless of their status, should have a will, healthcare proxy, living will and a power of attorney.  Individuals with children should also have an appointment of guardianship.

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We represent clients in Immigration matters pending in immigration court including deportation, asylum, cancellation of removal and voluntary departure hearings, the naturalization process, petitions for legal permanent residency, short and long term visas, green cards, and work permits.

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Civil Litigation

At Broadbent & Taylor, our attorneys handle civil matters in courts across the Commonwealth at all levels, including, Small Claims, District Court and Superior Court. We are experienced in handling these cases from beginning to end and will work diligently to obtain the best possible resolution for our clients.

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