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I-551 Stamp

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The I-551 is the name for the green card. The I-551 STAMP can be used when you need to travel outside the country, but are waiting for your green card after it has been renewed/lost. Sometimes the renewal process can take a year and if your green card expires during that time or you have already begun the renewal process, but have to travel, you’ll need to get an I-551 stamp. The I-551 stamp is proof that a legal permanent resident has lawful status, but he or she is waiting for the actual green card. 

In order to receive the I-551 stamp, there are a few steps that need to be done first. 

  1. You should make an InfoPass appointment at your local office.
  2. When you go to the appointment, you should bring the following along:
    1. Unexpired, valid passport
    2. I-90 receipt notice
    3. Appointment Notice
    4. Proof of Residence in local office jurisdiction
    5. Copy of expired green card (if applicable)
    6. Copy of biometrics completion notice (if applicable)

The stamp is valid for one year and can be used as proof of status, which will allow you to leave and re-enter the US. But the duration could change based on a number of factors including the expiration date of your passport. 

If you have any questions about the I-551 stamp, please call our office at 508-438-1198. 

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