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Understanding Your Speeding Ticket

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Speeding tickets typically have a box checked for lidar, clocked, radar or estimated.  It is important to know how your speed was calculated in order to fight it.

If you receive a ticket for speeding, there are 6 boxes on the side that the officer typically checks off.  

POSTED  When posted is checked off, the officer is indicating that the speed zone is posted with a sign, indicating what the speed limit is. In most cases, posted will be checked off.

NOT POSTED When not posted is checked off, there is no speed limit sign in the area.  The officer/Commonwealth is relying on the statutory speed limits for a given area.

ESTIMATED  When estimated is checked off, it means that the officer visually observed your vehicle and estimated that you were travelling above the posted or statutory speed limit.  Almost all speeding tickets will have estimated checked off in Massachusetts.  Most officers will check an addition means of measuring speed alongside the estimation, as an estimation does not hold up with much accuracy under cross examination.  

CLOCKED When Clocked is checked off on a citation, the officer is indicating that he followed behind your car for a given length of time and maintained a consistent speed with your vehicle.  Typically, the officer will make a note on the ticket as to how long the vehicle was clocked, as the statutes require a minimum distance of clocking to uphold the ticket.

RADAR A Radar is typically a dash mounted unit that is attached to the front and/or back of a cruiser.  The radar has the capability to get a speed reading while it is stationary or moving with the cruiser, depending on the mode that is set.  

LIDAR A lidar is a handheld laser unit that is typically used for highway speed patrol.  The officer must hold the unit and look through a scope, placing a red dot onto a moving target.  When the officer pulls the trigger, the laser gives a reading of the vehicle's speed at a given distance.  The lidar is considered the most accurate measure of speed, as it is vehicle specific.


When fighting a ticket, the best defense is to talk to an attorney familiar with the technology, the laws and the court system.  Our office handles the defense of tickets in all courts across Massachusetts. Contact Attorney Broadbent today for a free consultation at (508) 438-1198 


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