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A Junior Operator Should Always Appeal

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A junior operator should always appeal a citation in Massachusetts to avoid costly consequences.  In Massachusetts, under the Junior Operator (JOL law) if an operator is under 18 years of age and receives a speeding ticket, that operator is subject to harsh penalties.  Typically, if an older driver pays the ticket, the consequences result in the fine and possible insurance surcharges.  For a junior operator, the consequences are much more severe.

If you pay the violation, or if you appeal the violation and are found responsible, the junior operator is subject to a 90 day suspension, a $500 reinstatement fee, retaking the driving test, and undergoing an intense driver retraining course.  The whole experience can be very costly and can result in a long time without the privilege of driving.

So what do you do if you are under 18 and receive a speeding ticket?  First, talk to your parents.  They can be your best allies when dealing with a court or an attorney.  Second, make a copy of the ticket, follow the instructions to request a hearing and mail the ticket back within 20 days.  Third, contact an attorney.  The best shot you have to win the ticket is with an attorney by your side.



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