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Clearing a License Suspension

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In Massachusetts, A License Suspension can occur for a number of reasons.  In order to determine how to clear the suspension, you must know why your license is suspended in the first place.

The most common reason for a suspension in Massachusetts is too many speeding tickets or moving violations.  If you receive a suspension based on the number of violations, you have no choice but to wait out the time for the suspension and pay the suspension removal fee prior to getting your license back.  In certain instances, you may be able to petition the RMV Board of Appeals to ask for a hardship or Cinderella License.  These are given based on your overall driving history, and your need for the hardship license.  

A second reason for suspension is the nonpayment of a civil ticket.  If you receive a suspended license for not paying the ticket, you must pay the ticket, any late fees, and any suspension removal fees to get your driving privileges back.


If you have been charged with a criminal case and you fail to show up in criminal court, a warrant is issued for your arrest.  When the warrant is issued, your license is suspended.  In these instances, if the suspension is enacted, you must go to the registry to remove the warrant from your license,  Even once the warrant is removed at the court level, it is still a hold on your license until you pay a removal fee to clear it up.


Some officers will issue a suspension for Immediate threat along side a civil or criminal citation. The immediate threat is an immediate suspension.  This must be cleared up with the RMV hearings officers.  There may be any number of requirements for reinstatement, including resolving the underlying court matter, paying a removal fee, retaking a license exam and providing medical documentation.


Many criminal offenses carry license suspensions along with a guilty plea.  Some of these offenses are Drunk Driving, Leaving the scene of Property Damage or Personal injury, Drug Offenses as well as many others.  If you receive a suspension for one of these violations, you must wait out the time without driving and pay a reinstatement fee at the end of the suspension.  You may be able to petition the RMV Board of Appeals for a hardship license based on your driving record, your need for a license and the amount of the suspension you have served.


If you find yourself with a suspended license and need assistance reinstating your driving privileges, contact Broadbent Law for a consultation.  

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