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New RV System impacting MA tickets

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In 2018, the Massachusetts RMV updated the system to be incorporated into a national database.  The result has been a large impact on how tickets are entered, processed and shared with other states.

The first large impact has been as a result of glitches in the software that the RMV has been using.  The glitches initially caused approximately 10,000 notices to be sent out to individuals indicating that there has been nonpayment of their citation and that the licenses would be suspended.  If this has happened to you, you must contact the RMV to fix the issue, or the ticket is entered as a default on your driving history, and your license is suspended indefinitely until it is fixed.  If you did properly appeal the ticket, you are able to elect a hearing by showing the proof that the RMV cashed your check for the filing fee.

Since the initial issue, the glitches have continued to cause errors in processing.  A number of people are still receiving these letters indicating a suspension.  In addition, these letters have gone out even in instances where the appellant has received a court date.

Some cases are occurring where the letter does not go out, however, the ticket is stuck somewhere in the RMV processing.  If you have appealed a ticket and have not received a court date in several months, this may be the issue.  You must contact the RMV directly to clear it up.

Beyond the initial processing errors, the RMV has been sending default notices after hearings where drivers receive a not responsible finding.  If you receive one of these letters, you must contact the RMV and send them the court paperwork to fix the error.  

If you live out of state and get a MA ticket, the ticket may impact you differently than previous tickets.  Because the system is connected to a national database, the ticket now may be reported to your home state, where previously tickets in MA did not typically get reported.



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