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Navigating a New Normal in Traffic Appeals

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With Covid-19 restrictions, Massachusetts courts have been faced with a new normal way of tackling traffic violations.  Having an attorney with experience at these new traffic appeal hearings can increase your chances at success.

When the courts closed in March 2020, no one expected the current court climate and restrictions.  The initial closure has resulted in months of cancellation and delays.  Some courts have still not resumed Civil Motor Vehicle Hearings (CMVI).  Others have found ways to conduct the traffic appeal hearings virtually.

What do you need to know as the defendant? First, you need to know how the court you are appearing in is conducting the hearings.  Many of them are being done via telephone or zoom. 

If it is telephone, at the time of your traffic appeal hearing, you will be expected to present your case over the phone to the clerk or the judge.  Being prepared to speak about what occurred and to make your points so the clerk/judge understands what occurred is key.

The second method courts are using is zoom hearings.  With zoom, it is done with a video conferencing app on your phone or computer, where the court can see you and you can see the court.  Again, with these hearings, it is very important to present your case clearly so that the court can understand what you are trying to argue.  

How can a traffic ticket lawyer assist? Many courts will allow the traffic ticket lawyer to present on the client's behalf, so that the client does not speak directly during the hearing.  The Massachusetts ticket lawyer is familiar with the court procedure, the state laws and judge or clerk conducting the hearing.  For these reasons, having the traffic ticket lawyer there for your virtual court hearing can make a significant difference in the way the court sees your violation.  

If you have received a ticket in Massachusetts for speeding, or other traffic violation, contact Broadbent Law by email at info@kbctlaw.com for a consultation.  We practice in traffic violations, CMVI violations, speeding tickets, CDL Violations, and criminal traffic violations all across Massachusetts.  Although we are also remote, we are still available to help you with your case.  Having the right lawyer to fight for you is a key to success.

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