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Junior Operator Violations in Massachusetts

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Broadbent & Taylor deals with junior operator violations for speeding tickets in Massachusetts.  With these violations, it is important to call an attorney immediately.If you receive a speeding ticket before you turn 18 in MA and are found responsible on that ticket (even if the disposition is after your 18th birthday) you will face a mandatory suspension, a $500 reinstatement fee, have to undergo a driver retraining class, and have to retake your license exam.

In our practice, the first scenerio we run into is the parent who is struggling when they receive the notice for suspension to find out what can be done to prevent the loss of license for their teen driver.  All too often, the teen goes ahead and pays the citation, not realizing that it will trigger the suspension.  In MA, once you pay that citation, you are admitting fault.  There is no way at this time to undo paying the citation and stop the suspension.

Teen drivers and their parents need to address these tickets when they are received.

If you are under 18 when you receive a speeding ticket in MA, make a copy of the ticket, check off the box, and mail it back to the citations processing center within 20 days.  MA requires that you pay a $25.00 filing fee at this time to elect a hearing and will not process your appeal request until that is received.

Teen drivers need to be honest and upfront with their parents.  Your mom or dad is your best ally in fighting these citations.  They may be mad at you, but chances are, your parents do not want to see you with a suspended license, and do not want the cost of auto insurance to skyrocket because of the ticket.

You should call an attorney to discuss the chance of fighting the ticket.  Many teens try to tackle these tickets alone or with their parents. The chance to favorably resolve these matters is much more likely with the aid of an experienced attorney who understands the court procedure, who knows the court personnel and who knows the laws that you were cited under.

In the event the teen drivier is  found responsible at the clerk level with a reduced fine, they should appeal to the judge level.  The reduced fine will trigger the same suspension that the original fine amount would trigger.

Broadbent & Taylor handles traffic appeals across the Commonwealth and has successfully defended junior operators, keeping their licenses in tact.  In you received a ticket in the Commonwealth for JOL speeding violation, contact Broadbent & Taylor immediately at 508-438-1198 for a consultation.

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