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Work zone… twice the price!

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If you are driving in Massachusetts this spring and summer, keep a close watch out for areas marked as work zones.  These areas (especially on highways like the turnpike) typically have reduced speed limits.

In order to protect the workers and the police officers in these work zones, if you are stopped for speeding, the fine is doubled.  What that typically means is that instead of $10 per mile over the limit, you are charged $20.

Now if you combine the doubled fine with the reduced limit, a ticket in the work zone can really end up costing a lot of money for the fine.  Imagine a typically 65 mph zone.  The traffic is typically travelling around 75 mph.  This would usually result in a fine of $105.  Now drop the speed to 45 in the work zone and double the fine.  You are looking at a fine of $605.  This is before any insurance surcharges or possible license suspensions.

If you are cited for a speeding or other traffic violation, contact Broadbent & Taylor at 508-438-1198 to help you fight this.  An attorney can save you money on the fine as well as the more costly insurance surcharges.

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