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Not passing? Keep right?

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Everyone has been on the highway behind slower traffic, anxious to pass. And it seems that there is that person just lingering in the left lane, maybe going 1 or 2 miles faster than the right or middle lanes, but clearly not passing.

In Massachusetts, this is a violation that the state police have been heavily enforcing.  Travelling in the left lane is prohibited unless you are passing another vehicle. Not only is it annoying to other drivers, but it is also a civil violation that packs a fine and an insurance surcharge.

If you are on the highway, stay in the right or middle lane unless you need to pass.  Save other drivers from the annoyance factor and save yourself from getting a ticket.

If you have been stopped for a lane violation, contact Broadbent & Taylor today at (508)438-1198 to fight your ticket. 

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