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Grandparent Visitation

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I often receive inquiries from grandparents wondering what options they have to see their grandchildren. It’s not uncommon for a custodial parent to deny the grandparents (on the other side) time with the grandkids.
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With so much of our lives taking place in the cloud, it is important to think about protecting our digital assets post-mortem. A few online services have a policy regarding what happens to your account, or allow you to select what happens.
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We often think of our pets as members of the family, and this is no different in a divorce. Unfortunately, the law hasn’t caught up with the sentiment, and pets are treated as nothing more than property to be divided in a divorce.
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Living Will . . . or Won’t?

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A living will is an important component to a well-drafted estate plan. This document allows you have some control over medical treatment in the event you lose your decision-making authority.
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There has been a lot of chatter and speculation surrounding the death of music legend Prince. The latest detail to come out after the singer’s death is that he apparently died without a will, essentially leaving his $300 million estate up for grabs. So what happens with his fortune and future royalties?
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Known Sperm Donor Agreements

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Often, a woman may choose to use a known sperm donation rather than an anonymous donor from a sperm bank. There are many benefits from using a known sperm donor, but it also opens the door to many potential pitfalls.
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Life Insurance Review

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Just as it is important to regularly review the remainder of your estate plan, you should regularly review your life insurance plan(s) to ensure that your named beneficiaries are still appropriate for your current situation.
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To be discriminated against on the basis of handicap does not require a debilitating handicap such as paralysis. Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 151B is designed to cover the whole gamut of potential handicaps. 
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