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If you are cited in Massachusetts, you need to make the decision to appeal within 20 days of receiving the citation. How do you decide what the best decision is?
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Fighting a Junior Operator (JOL) Citation in Massachusetts can be a necessary evil. If you pay the ticket, the junior operator will receive a lengthy suspension, a hefty fee, driver retraining, and will have to retake the license exam. But appealing the ticket is not a guarantee that those penalties will be avoided. It is important for a Junior Operator to put their best foot forward to try to keep the consequences at bay.
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Clearing a License Suspension

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In Massachusetts, A License Suspension can occur for a number of reasons. In order to determine how to clear the suspension, you must know why your license is suspended in the first place.
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Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

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In Massachusetts, it is very common to see traffic tickets for failing to move left when an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road.
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A junior operator should always appeal a citation in Massachusetts to avoid costly consequences.
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Understanding Your Speeding Ticket

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Speeding tickets typically have a box checked for lidar, clocked, radar or estimated. It is important to know how your speed was calculated in order to fight it.
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Before paying or resolving a traffic citation, it is a great idea to consult with local counsel to determine the impact of a ticket on your driving history.   In the course of my practice this week, I have spoken to two different individuals in the same predicament.  Both were driving through Virginia earlier this year and given a citation for speeding 81/70 mph zone.  Under Virginia Law, speeding is considered CRIMINAL RECKLESS DRIVING if the speed is more than 20 miles over the posted limit...
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How to determine whether you should appeal an out of state traffic ticket.
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In Massachusetts, if you have lawful possession of a property, you may seek to prevent someone from trespassing on that property.
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Massachusetts has several ways of obtaining a restraining order or a protective order.
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