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Since election day there was been buzz about what this means for immigration law. Donald Trump has made known what he plans to do with immigration law and for those who are not citizens or undocumented, the future may be unclear.
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When faced with a legal issue, the first step many people take is to turn to Google. A quick search, and BOOM! all your questions have answers. Right? Wrong!
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Collaborative Law in Divorce

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It is becoming more common than ever for parties to a divorce action to attempt to resolve their dispute prior to filing any paperwork or stepping foot in a courthouse.
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In 2010, the court held in Padilla v. Kentucky that counsel’s failure to advise a criminal defendant of the deportation consequences of a guilty plea constitutes ineffective assistance of counsel.
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Taking the English Test

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When you apply for naturalization you must pass an English and Civics Test. But for certain people there are exemptions.
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How to get a green card through another green card holder/legal permanent resident.
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A person who has a green card has legal permanent resident status. If you are a legal permanent resident or LPR, that means that you can potentially apply for citizenship after a certain period of time. But how do you get a green card?
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A common question I hear from my clients is: “where should I keep my estate planning documents?” Often, the first thought people a have is to put important documents in safe deposit box. Makes sense, right? Wrong!
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Why fight it?

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In Massachusetts, a speeding ticket is a civil offense. Unlike criminal offenses, it is not mandatory to appear in court. You have the choice to either accept responsibility and pay the ticket, or appeal the ticket and fight it.
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In the new millennium, meeting a significant other is no longer 2 consenting adults at a bar or night club flirting; dating is not a set up by mutual friends.
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