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Conditional Green Card

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Conditional Green Card
Most people receive permanent green cards, BUT if you have been married for less than two years and apply for a green card, you will be given a 2-year conditional green card.
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I married an undocumented immigrant!
Maybe before or after you got married, you found out that your new spouse's visa expired OR you find out that they entered the US illegally. This blog will cover BOTH of those issues. 
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Taking the English Test

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Taking the English Test
When you apply for naturalization you must pass an English and Civics Test. But for certain people there are exemptions.
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How Do You Become a Green Card Holder? Part Two.
How to get a green card through another green card holder/legal permanent resident.
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How do you become a green card holder: Part One
A person who has a green card has legal permanent resident status. If you are a legal permanent resident or LPR, that means that you can potentially apply for citizenship after a certain period of time. But how do you get a green card?
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