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Kelly has been practicing law since 2004 focusing on Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Traffic Defense, Personal Injury and general Civil Litigation.

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0% of Divorces w/o Trial
0MA is 9th likely state to give
a traffic citation
0% of adult Americans
to NOT have a will
0Years After Green Card
to Get Naturalization
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  • Navigating a New Normal in Traffic Appeals

    With Covid-19 restrictions courts have been faced with a new normal way of tackling traffic violations. Having an attorney with experience at these new hearings can increase your chances at success.
  • New RV System impacting MA tickets

    In 2018, the Massachusetts RMV updated the system to be incorporated into a national database. The result has been a large impact on how traffic tickets are entered, processed and shared with other s...
  • Slow Down for the Summer Travels

    During the summer season, it is much more common to find yourself driving to a holiday destination. Use some helpful hints if you find yourself on the road this summer to avoid a ticket.
  • Obtaining a no trespass order in Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts, if you have lawful possession of a property, you may seek to prevent someone from trespassing on that property.
  • Understanding Your Speeding Ticket

    Speeding tickets typically have a box checked for lidar, clocked, radar or estimated. It is important to know how your speed was calculated in order to fight it.
  • Junior Operator Violators: Tips for Success

    Fighting a Junior Operator (JOL) Citation in Massachusetts can be a necessary evil. If you pay the ticket, the junior operator will receive a lengthy suspension, a hefty fee, driver retraining, and w...