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Kelly has been practicing law since 2004 focusing on Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Traffic Defense, Personal Injury and general Civil Litigation.

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0% of Divorces w/o Trial
0MA is 9th likely state to give
a traffic citation
0% of adult Americans
to NOT have a will
0Years After Green Card
to Get Naturalization
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  • New RV System impacting MA tickets

    In 2018, the Massachusetts RMV updated the system to be incorporated into a national database. The result has been a large impact on how traffic tickets are entered, processed and shared with other s...
  • Slow Down for the Summer Travels

    During the summer season, it is much more common to find yourself driving to a holiday destination. Use some helpful hints if you find yourself on the road this summer to avoid a ticket.
  • Should I appeal my Massachusetts Traffic Ticket

    If you are cited in Massachusetts, you need to make the decision to appeal within 20 days of receiving the citation. How do you decide what the best decision is?
  • Obtaining a no trespass order in Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts, if you have lawful possession of a property, you may seek to prevent someone from trespassing on that property.
  • Understanding Your Speeding Ticket

    Speeding tickets typically have a box checked for lidar, clocked, radar or estimated. It is important to know how your speed was calculated in order to fight it.
  • Junior Operator Violators: Tips for Success

    Fighting a Junior Operator (JOL) Citation in Massachusetts can be a necessary evil. If you pay the ticket, the junior operator will receive a lengthy suspension, a hefty fee, driver retraining, and w...