Kelly A. Broadbent / Partner

Kelly has been practicing law since 2004 focusing on Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Traffic Defense, Personal Injury and general Civil Litigation.

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Catherine M. Taylor / Partner

Attorney Taylor was named a "Top 40 Family Law Attorney Under 40" in Massachusetts for 2016.

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Jamie Cosme / Associate

Attorney Cosme has worked to combat human trafficking and collaborated with attorneys at the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project (PAIR) to support clients in obtaining asylum.

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0% of Divorces w/o Trial
0MA is 9th likely state to give
a traffic citation
0% of adult Americans
to NOT have a will
0Years After Green Card
to Get Naturalization
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  • Naturalization Denied

    Naturalization Denied

    USCIS can deny a naturalization application for several reasons.
  • I-551 Stamp

    I-551 Stamp

    The I-551 STAMP can be used when you need to travel outside the country, but are waiting for your green card after it has been renewed/lost.
  • Conditional Green Card

    Conditional Green Card

    Most people receive permanent green cards, BUT if you have been married for less than two years and apply for a green card, you will be given a 2-year conditional green card.
  • Don’t Ignore That Ticket!

    Don’t Ignore That Ticket!

    A speeding ticket received between Thanksgiving and New Years can be one more thing added to your long list of holiday obligations.
  • Criminal Warrants for Traffic Violations

    Criminal Warrants for Traffic Violations

    In Massachusetts, several motor vehicle offenses are criminal violations. A failure to respond properly to the ticket or summons may result in the issuance of a warrant.
  • Cinco de Mayo– Margaritas and Mugshots

    Cinco de Mayo– Margaritas and Mugshots

    On May 5, younger crowds go out to bars to imbibe. This year, with Cinco de Mayo falling on a Thursday, its the perfect recipe for a night out to celebrate.