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Slow Down for the Summer Travels

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During the summer season, it is much more common to find yourself driving to a holiday destination.  Use some helpful hints if you find yourself on the road this summer to avoid a ticket.

When you are on the road travelling to the beach, camp or some other destination, don't find yourself leaving your trip with a costly traffic ticket. 

First, stay to the right unless you need to pass.  The Massachusetts State Police have been targeting cars in the left lane writing them citations for left lane violation and for speeding.  There really is no reason to be in that left lane unless you are passing.

If you see a disabled vehicle in the right lane, including an officer, tow truck or construction vehicle, be sure to pull left into the middle lane.  You can be cited for failure to move left if you do not do this.

If you are driving on the highway, set your cruise control.  The state police will be out in full force and typically target any vehicles going more than 5 over the posted limit in Massachusetts.

If you do receive a speeding ticket or other moving violation, contact Broadbent Law right away.   Your best chance to win a ticket is with a lawyer by your side. 

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